Global Navigator Menu2015–2017

Modern scalable navigation component


I was one of two designers asked to come up with a next generation modern and clean menu component for our desktop Cloud Application UI Shell. The new designs solved known scalability issues for both the user with minimal functionality, as well as the super user. A secondary goal was to further aggregate navigation related functionality to minimize the cognitive load on our customers. The new skinnable Navigator menu, targeted to be built using a flexible javascript component architecture, which would support client-side data caching for a more performant, snappy response.

The old flatten navigator menu hierarchy was designed 13 years ago, it handled the average customer installation of 10-20 apps, but wasn't scalable for admin super users that could be presented up to 300+ app entries. It also wasn't responsive or easily rendered on smaller displays such as tablets or mobile.

“Scott’s Navigator design was modern, clean and solved for both the user with minimal funtional apps to the edge case admin. It is unfortunate the limitations with QA, first, and then the New Home Experience project, second, prevented this design from being implemented in our current ADF product suite. It would have eliminated one of the clunkiest experiences in our current product, and had a positive impact on both the perception and the reality of contemporariness of our UX design.”

Manager Quote from 2016-17 Annual Appraisal Review

Desktop Design Directions

Three desktop designs were initially pitched, quick guerilla testing found that users had reservations with Design 2. because of related scrolling using the accordion design.

Desktop Prototypes

Working with contracting Javascript prototyper, two designs were implemented to include 90% of functionality for user testing purposes.

Themed Final Design

Three OOTB themes the Visual Design team created, showing how the Naviagtor menu integrated with the theming engine and overall product.

Default Theme

Midnight Blue Theme

Vanilla Theme

My Involvement

Concept Development
UX Design
Visual & Interaction Design
Participated User Testing
Managed Javascript Prototyper

Project Timeframe and Tools

November 2015-May 2017. All the wireframing and design work was performed using Adobe Illustrator.